Cinderella Solution Review 2020 – Does it REALLY Work


In this day and age, women’s bodies are no longer conditioned to only give birth and attend after their homes.

Women are now independent, career oriented, and seek financial freedom.

That is why, with dozens of tasks to do in one day, they may not always have enough time to take care of their bodies.

A recent study found that 70% of women suffer from obesity and hormonal imbalances, so it is not a secret that women are more prone to look at their bodies with a negative look.

There are many programs in the market that claim they will make you fit in no time.

However, many of these programs focus on fad diet ideologies and pseudo-science that will only encourage unhealthy habits.

In fact, many of these fake programs may help get rid of a few pounds, but will not be able to keep up the weight loss.

In addition, many of these so-called solutions advocate for starving and giving up entire food groups which will affect your body negatively as it deprives it from important nutritious

If you are a woman who has tried everything but has not been able to lose much weight, then this article is for you.

Are you on the lookout for a weight loss program that is designed for women? If yes, then the Cinderella Solution is the right plan for you. 

This program helps women by regulating natural hormones responsible for weight loss.

With this, it helps boost weight loss and reduces fat retention.

Since most weight loss programs are designed towards men, they usually emphasize the importance of high-intensity workout plans that are not the right fit for women.

With this in mind, author Carly Donovan came up with a weight loss plan specifically for women.

If you are hesitant about whether this program will be a good fit for you, keep reading! We will be telling you all you need to know about the Cinderella Solution Review,

Your new weight loss program without a strict diet and depriving yourself of your favorite food, or without long hours at the gym and wasting your money over work-out equipments that you will give up after a couple of weeks.

What is The Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution Review 

The Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program designed specifically for women. 

It is based on two phases: Ignite and launch, each lasting for 14 days. Rather than cutting out all carbs and food from your diet, this plan focuses on finding the ideal food combinations to maximize weight loss rates and fat burn.

In addition, it also introduces a series of unique exercises that are low intensity and target abdominal muscles, hips, and buttocks.

These areas are usually problem areas where women want to lose weight. The simple recipes proposed by the program accelerate the ability of the body to continuously burn fat naturally.

This plan runs on the belief that weight gain for women is caused by the imbalance of three hormones, estrogens, cortisol, and insulin.

Who is the Creator of The Cinderella Solution?

Carly Donavan

This product was created by Carly Donavan, who describes herself as a regular woman with a history of struggles with weight and a failing metabolism.

Carly prides herself for not being a nutritionist or a fitness guru, but a simple woman with weight issues and determination to find an answer.

The creator observed that women around the world are able to eat foods high in carbs and fat without accumulating weight.

This lead to a conclusion that it is not the food itself that causes weight gain, but the combination of the food consumed.

How does cinderella solution work?

The Cinderella Solution is not a workout machine or a magic pill. 

It is a book full of recipes designed to regulate fat burning hormones and boost your metabolism and immune system through food combinations and flavor pairing.

This is an ancient technique from Japanese culture called ‘Shoku-Iku’ and it is designed for women that are struggling with weight gain caused by hormonal or metabolic imbalance.

The program primarily focuses on ICE dysfunction, a case where women get an imbalance of insulin hormones.

That is why it focuses on restarting and regulating the three essential hormones for a stronger metabolism.

It also provides useful tips to deal with the imbalances and their unpleasant effects; and it works best for women over 30 and who have a target of 10 pounds or more of weight to lose.

As mentioned before, there are 28 days in this program with two phases.

The first one is called the ignite phase, where the participant is encouraged to eat 3 meals a day.

These meals contain recipes that are custom written by the author of the program.

This helps you lose weight through the right food combinations. The second phase allows the user 4 meals a day.

Similarly, the combinations of the foods trigger more weight loss. These recipes are the same ones Carly Donovan used to lose over 84 pounds.

Examples of these combinations include fish and garlic, or Greek yogurt and sweet potatoes.

What are the benefits of the Cinderella Solution?

With a price of only $37, you will have access to the full program comprising of several components.

A manual that explains the science behind weight loss and how hormones can affect its process, a quick start guide which is a condensed version of the manual, Cinderella university book- a course about weight loss and the reason behind obesity, movement sequencing guide, an optional workout plan, and a daily nutritional blueprint, where the creator details her own weight loss journey.

One of the major characteristics of the Cinderella Solution Review is that it takes into consideration the fact that women’s bodies are different then men’s. 

It helps you lose weight without depriving yourself of the food you like. The combinations of the meals provided are tasty, nutritious, and most importantly fast to make so it can be easily applied by working mothers as well. 

The manual is detailed and well composed and all the components are designed to allow a healthy weight loss that is quick and effective, scientifically proven and backed up by medical research, and it works for almost all overweight women.

The Cinderella solution also provides excellent value for money. 

This single purchase is filled with tips and techniques to lose weight.

It also offers refunds if you’re not satisfied, which enforces the idea that the manufacturer is positive about the quality of their program.

After all, fake products and scams will never issue a money back police.

In addition, the program offers some customer service with good tips for anyone going through difficulties or doubts on the product’s website.

Perhaps the best part of this plan is that it does not require intensive workouts which many find to be the hardest step with other weight loss programs.

Contrarily, the Cinderella Solution workouts do not require special equipments or much time. 

One of the good things about the Cinderella solution is that it is convenient to use since it is easily found in a series of PDF e-books. 

Once you buy the plan, you can easily download it and start using it on your laptop, phone, or iPad.

So there will be no need to carry any books or manuals around.

In addition, the low-impact workout videos are available online and they are 8-20 minutes long each so you are able to perform them anywhere, from the comfort of your house, in your favorite park, or on the beach.

What can the Cinderella solution improve on?

Like every other program, the Cinderella solution also comes with shortcomings. 

First, it takes time for results to show. 

If you’re looking to slim down in a few days or within the first month of usage; then you will be disappointed to know that it only effectively starts working after the initial 28 days of the program.

However, it should help you achieve your weight goals if you stick to the meals in the plan and follow its instructions.

Cinderella solution is only designed for women, so men may not get the same results even if they go through with the 28-day-plan.

It also requires a certain level of commitment, so users will have to put in some time and effort to achieve the desired results.

With this, you will have to adapt to the rules of the program and acquire better habits while letting go of unhealthy ones.

That is why you will have to build your patience and self-discipline.

Final thoughts

By now, we have talked a great deal about the Cinderella solution

We have mentioned how it works, its benefits, and its shortcomings.

Many women have reported that the program worked very well for them, helped them reach their ideal weight, and in some cases that it even healed them from within and restored their confidence in themselves.

Do we encourage you to try this program? Yes, we do!

If you are a woman in her 30s or more, who wants to lose at least 10 pounds, and who is tired of the lies of the pharma industry; then we can tell you that this program is designed for you. 

After all, you have nothing to lose and it’s a onetime investment in a product that works.

If you want to fit in your favorite skinny jeans again, then get your hands on the Cinderella Solution and become one of the hundreds of women that have turned their lives around.

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