How to Lose Weight if You Weigh 200 lbs or More


If you are reading this, I want to tell you: You are BRAVE to take a step forward to have a better health lifestyle. 

Losing weight is not related to looking beautiful on the mirror or wearing slim clothes sizes, it’s about maintaining a good health that will allow you to be physically active and mentally stable.

Weighing 200 pounds or more can put your health in danger and cause you various health issues such as: joint pain, heart diseases, and diabetes. 

In order to start your weight loss journey, you’ll need to be fully determined to follow some essential steps that will help you reach your ultimate goal: losing weight.

7 Steps to lose weight if you weigh 200 pounds or more

For every successful weight loss journey you need to follow certain steps ( don’t feel obliged to call them rules, as they need to be part of your daily life). 

These habits should indulge in your daily routine to help you adapt quickly and help the process of weight loss.

Let us together discover these steps:

1. Do not over obsess counting calories

Yes, that’s true do not get overly obsessed with counting calories. 

It is one of the most irritating habits that hinders many people from finishing or even starting their weight loss journey.

It is a huge mistake to make, as your body’s hormones are damaged with excess fat, and it’s affecting you. 

Counting calories, does not help, but makes the weight fixed.

Instead focusing on calories, switch your focus towards nourishing your body and staying on a healthy pace, remembering each time why you started this adventure.

2. Do not exhaust yourself with exercising

Do not enroll at your neighborhood gym and exhaust yourself with hours of sweating and days of non stop running. That’s not how we do it.

You will need to take your fitness slowly, step by step. 

Start slow and according to your body and abilities. 

Do not push your body to the limits as the intensity might be too fast for your body, that is not ready to take it all at once and you can cause harm to yourself.

It is better to get advice from your gym’s coaches or even a doctor to give the right and exact exercises. 

You can always start slow, according to your body and you’ll reach amazing results without harming yourself.

3. Follow diverse diets - Ketogenic diet as an example

There are various diets designed for different body types, people’s preferences as well body’s abilities. 

You have the right to choose the one that suits you best, if it doesn’t work, you can always switch to another one. So many diets exist such as: Low carb diet, Whole food diet, intermittent fasting, low fat diet and the most recent famous one the Ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic existed for a while, but only been famous lately and millions of people found success in losing weight with this diet. .

 It has variations, but it’s one of the most flexible diets that focuses on consuming fat and protein. 

If you are a cheese lover and avocado addict, this diet will be your new friend

The standard ketogenic focuses on reducing your carb intake and forcing your body to shift its metabolism to a ketosis phase where it uses the fat to fuel

4. Try detoxes - There are plenty

We always heard myths about drinking boiled water to slim your stomach, or adding lemon to your drinks because it helps with losing fat. 

Well, some of these myths can be useful as indulging detoxes is a good step towards a healthy body.

Detox has several benefits as it helps reduce inflammation, improve body mass index, controls appetite and help with insulin resistance. 

These significant benefits are helpful to lose weight.

Any ideas for detoxes?

  • Ginger lemonade
  • Cranberry juice
  • Green tea
  • Cucumber lemonade

And many more that exist to start a better day. 

You can always pick detoxes that fit in your diet and can lead to better results.

5. Start small - Don’t over rush

Beginnings are always exciting, especially that we are full of energy and can’t wait to try those jeans or dress that we found at the store. 

But losing weight can’t happen in one night, a week or even a month .

It is a long process that needs patience and resistance so don't rush to lose 10lbs a day because it’s impossible to maintain an unhealthy weight loss.

Instead, start small and make a logical and clear plan of how much you want to lose

Start by planning weekly goals, then monthly goals that are acceptable and reachable. 

This will help you, not only physically, but also psychologically to keep track of your progress and keep you always satisfied with this journey and help you keep the weight off long-term.

6. Love Yourself

Loving yourself is a huge step towards accepting your look and celebrating your achievements. 

Wither losing a 1lbs or more, you gotta love your body and yourself, for who you are now and what you aiming to look like

It is not always about looking like thin models, but it’s about a healthy progress and maintaining good health. 

A good health that will last you forever and will allow you to live your daily life in peace with your body.

Being 200 pounds or more requires having a full positive mindset to reach your goal despite the hardships. 

Love yourself because it will help you stick around to become a healthy person.

7. Start your weight loss journey NOW

Now that you have all of these handy habits in your hands, all you need is to start this journey right off.

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